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Eating Your Own Dog Food
Eating Your Own Dog Food

Wrangling Relationships
Wrangling Relationships

Preferences and Options
Preferences and Options

Becoming Certified
Becoming Certified

Logically Speaking
Logically Speaking

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Open Script Disabled
If you have a multiple file solution, it is possible for open scripts, specified via File Options, to not run on opening of the file. This can happen when a file is opened hidden by a related field or via a Perform Script step. Only when the hidden file is selected from the Window menu and displayed will the open script perform. The reasoning behind this behavior is efficiency. If you have to wait for an open script to run just to see data in a related field, you will have unhappy users. Also, imagine if the open script shows a dialog and interrupts what the user is looking at on the original file. The only way to guarantee an open script runs is to use the Open script step or launch the file manually.

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FileMaker Developer Worthiness
Top 10 ways you know your developer is NOT worthy:
  1. Spells "FileMaker" with a lowercase "m"
  2. Uses inches or centimeters instead of points in Inspector
  3. Recommends WebDirect deployment over FileMaker Pro
  4. Creates a solution with one file for every table
  5. Doesn't know Claris and FileMaker, Inc. are the same company
  6. Isn't certified for latest version of FileMaker
  7. Isn't an FBA member
  8. Charges less than $100.00 per hour
  9. Uses a rainbow of colors on his interface
  10. Provides a quote without a requirements document

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