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One-Trick Pony

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Date Search Techniques
Some date search features in FileMaker may not be obvious. For example, you can type in a range of "Monday...Friday" or "Mon...Fri" to locate all weekday dates. Or, you can use wildcards to locates all dates on January 1st, regardless of the year, by typing "1/1/*". You can use curly brackets to specify a range of months, such as "{1...6}/*/* to locate all the birthdays in the first 6 months of the year. Try these same wildcard techniques with time fields too. Play around with these tools, and I'm sure you'll be impressed with the flexibility. And let me know if you figure out some combination of these new features that let's you accomplish some really cool technique.

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Claris and FileMaker CEOs
Bill Campbell  1987 to 1995
Guerrino De Luca  1995 to 1997
Dominique Goupil  1997 to 2019
Grad Freitag  2019 to 2019

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