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Custom Menu Creativity
Custom Menu Creativity

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The Beginning
The Beginning

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Back and Forward

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Select All Like Objects
It is possible, and sometimes very handy, to select all objects of the same type (e.g. all fields) while in layout mode. Just select the tool for that object and then choose Select All from the File menu. Another method is to select an object on the layout, and then choose Select All with the option key (Mac) or the Shift key (Win) held down.

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Fun Stuff:

DevCon History
Here's a list of the FileMaker Developer Conferences through 2018:
#  Year  Location
23  2018  Grapevine, Texas
22  2017  Phoenix, Arizona
21  2016  Las Vegas, Nevada
20  2015  Las Vegas, Nevada
19  2014  San Antonio, Texas
18  2013  San Diego, California
17  2012  Miami Beach, Florida
16  2011  San Diego, California
15  2010  San Diego, California
14  2009  San Francisco, California
13  2008  Phoenix, Arizona
12  2007  Orlando, Florida
11  2006  Orlando, Florida
10  2005  Phoenix, Arizona
9  2004  Phoenix, Arizona
8  2003  Phoenix, Arizona
7  2002  Palm Desert, California
6  2001  Orlando, Florida
5  2000  Palm Desert, California
4  1999  San Diego, California
3  1998  Monterey, California
2  1997  San Jose, California
1  1996  Santa Clara, California

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